About me

Hello there, foodies! I am Nicoleta, I am 27 years old, I am from Romania, from the north of the country, to be more precisely, but currently I live in Cluj Napoca, the heart of Transylvania.

I spend a lot of time reading and making recipes that don’t need a lot of time, with few ingredients, classic and traditional recipes, but made in a healthier way. Who wouldn’t want that?

My friends and family have noticed that I really like cooking and encouraged me to start this blog. It’s been a while before I realized that this was what I needed to share with others my passion for cooking. On FOODIEPEOPEDIA you will see that I don’t respect the original recipes and try to add my own personal touch. This blog is for all of you who are looking for simple, healthy recipes, for those who doesn’t have much cook experience, but also fo thos who are more experienced. Perhaps my preparations will not please everyone, but I hope you can appreciate my work here.

I can tell you that I am interested in sport, I have been going to the gym for some time now and I try to have a healthier lifestyle. I am very passionate about the nutrition side, which is why many times in recipes you will see that I also give information about certain foods, why they are good, why they have to eat more often. I really like food photography and I try every day to improve my food photography skills.

I want to emphasize one thing: I am not a MasterChef, but only a girl who likes to cook and eat. A real Foodie!

I would like to explain the name of this blog: foodie = a person with a particular interest in eating, a gourmet; -opedia = suffix from encycl-opedia.

So ,, FOODIEPEPEIA ” = Encyclopedia of a Gourmet.

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