Fish and chips – Taste of England

My dear ones, the culinary journey that we will make today, takes us in England. It was hard for me to choose a preparation from there. I had in mind two options: english breakfast and fish & chips. I chose the second option.


Fish & Chips – a traditional dish from England, which I thought I could give it a healthy note. Originally, the recipe is different from the way I chose to make it. The fish and the potatoes (regular ones, white) are fried in an oil bath, plus different sauces (ketchup, mayonnaise sauce etc.). That’s why, in time, it has been transformed into a fast-food meal because it fulfills all the conditions to be categorized as a fast food meal. In England, you can found this dish in almost any pub or restaurant menu, because it is specific to the area.


The way I made this preparation is much lighter and healthier, even if we are talking about the association of a potatoes and fish. Let’s see the recipe!
INGREDIENTS (for 2 servings)
4 pieces of fish fillets (of choice: pangasius / cod fish)
2 sweet potatoes
200 gr. green pea
2 lemons
2-3 tablespoons of breadcrumbs
A little parsley
olive oil
Salt, pepper, dried basil


Put the breadcrumbs, salt, pepper, dried basil, chopped parsley and lemon zest in a bowl and stir. Place the slices of fish on a baking sheet, cover a portion of the fish slices with the bread crumb mixture, drizzle some olive oil, then leave them in the oven for 25-30 minutes or until the crust is browned. If you want, you can make the fish simple without that crust.

fish and chips

Wash and cut the sweet potatoes into smaller pieces (I made them wedges). Season with salt, pepper and some olive oil and put them in the oven at the same time with the fish for 20-25 minutes.

While the sweet potatoes and the fish fillets are cooking, boil the peas for 5-7 minutes. Put the boiled green peas in a blender, with a little salt, pepper, juice of ½ lemon and a little olive oil and mix until it becomes a paste / puree. (You can also use a vertical / hand blender).

Once all the ingredients have been cooked, put them on a plate and enjoy this preparation!


Bon Appetit!


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