Green smoothie bowl with wheatgrass powder

My first smoothie bowl on this blog. Oky, let’s figure out what a smoothie bowl is, right? It’s a smoothie in a bowl, with a more creamy texture, that lately has become a real trend. Instagram and Pinterest are full of very colorful pictures of such smoothies. Even more, there are over 800,000 hashtags on Instagram with #smoothiebowl.

smoothie bowl

For today’s smoothie I used an ingredient that I have read a lot on the internet and which I wanted to buy it for a long time: wheat grass powder (you can buy it from Farmacia Ortomoleculara).

pulbere de iarbă de grâu verde farmacia ortomoleculară

I have to admit that these days until I made this this smoothie, in the morning I’ve been drinking on empty stomach, water with 2-3 tablespoons of wheatgrass powder and I felt really good. The benefits of this powder are numerous: it detoxifies the liver, stimulates the body, gives you energy, it cleanses and alkalinises your blood. Practically you have ,,chlorophyll” in your veins, which carries the green wheatgrass to all the cells of your body. Wheatgrass contains all the vitamins and minerals which our body needs, and the list of benefits can continue.

smoothie bowl71

Let’s see how I made this delicious smoothie bowl!
2 tablespoons of Green Wheatgrass Powder.
2 frozen bananas (put them in the freezer for 3-4 hours, then you can use them)
3 kiwi
2 hands full of spinach
2 tablespoons of coconut flakes
a bit of ginger
+/- 200 ml. water (you will need to control the amount of liquid to get the desired texture)

For topping: chia seed, coconut flakes, black currants (topping is at your choice)

smoothie bowl

Nothing complicated, you only need a blender in which you have to put all of the ingredients listed above and mix for 20-30 seconds until it becomes a creamy/smooth drink.

smoothie bowl cu pulbere de iarba de grâu verde1

I really like this kind of smoothie. It is very good, full of a lot of beneficial nutrients for your body, it can successfully replace breakfast, and regarding the topping, you can use your imagination.

smoothie bowl 



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