Homemade Croutons

These croutons with flavored oil will certainly make a difference in any cream soup recipe or salad. 

They are so easy to prepare that you won’t buy those croutons from the supermarket anymore.

crutoane cu ulei aromat

Do you have a bread which expires today? No problem. Turns those slices of bread in some savory croutons that goes perfectly with soups or in salads. Truth be told, they are perfect for snacking too.

I haven’t been eating bread for years, I rarely go and buy bread, maybe on some occasions when I have guests for lunch/dinner. Before, when I was eating bread, I remember that there were always two or three slices of bread left in the day it was due to expire or a day after that. As I didn’t like to waste food, I preferred to find a usefulness for those slices of bread, so I turned them into croutons.

I recommend you to do the same thing, because even if the bread has expired for a day, it doesn’t mean that it can no longer be eaten. And here I am referring strictly to a period of 1-2 days after the expiration date and not after 4-5 days when the bread will probably already be molded. You got the idea, right? Just keep in mind one thing: do not waste food!

crutoane cu ulei aromat

Here’s the recipe!
4-5 slices of bread (I used whole wheat toast)
2 tablespoons of olive oil
Spices: salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, basil, thyme (to taste)

***You can use other ingredients: parsley, rosemary, cumin, melted butter or sunflower oil instead of olive oil.

crutoane cu ulei aromat
Cut the slices of bread into small cubes (cc.1 cm), then put them in a bowl.

The flavored oil: combine 2 tablespoons of oil with those spices mentioned above and mix well. Pour this oil over the bread cubes and mix them with your hands.
crutoane cu ulei aromat

Put the croutons on a tray lined baking sheet and put the tray in a preheated oven at 180°C for 10-15 minutes. Turn them from one side to another every 5 minutes so they can cook evenly and be careful not burn them.

crutoane cu ulei aromat

crutoane cu ulei aromat


Nicoleta 🙂


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