Sandwich with avocado and poached egg

You know what goes well for breakfast? Some delicious eggs. But you know what goes even better? A sandwich with avocado and poached egg.I think that this combination goes hand-in-hand, whatever the method of cooking the egg: fried, scrambled, boiled or poached.

sandwich cu avocado și ou poșat

There are a lot of  articles about the benefits of avocado, this super fruit that is already known and appreciated, but I would like to remind some aspects too.

Benefits of eating avocado

  • rich in vitamins (13 in number), A, C, D , E, K, vitamin E, and eight types of B (B6, B12, folic acid)
  • it’s a very good source of antioxidants
  • it contains a fairly large amount of potassium, but also other minerals like: manganese, magnesium, copper, iron
  • it’s rich in fats, but they are good fats, mono-unsaturated, easily digested and assimilated by the body
  • the good mono-unsaturated fats from avocados helps to reduce blood pressure, but also lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) and raises the good cholesterol (HDL)
  • contains a fairly large amount of proteins
  • very important and beneficial are the fibers from the avocado, which improve digestive health but also reduce appetite (fibers in any food will make you feel satiated much faster)

sandwich cu avocado și ou poșat

I believe that avocado is one of those foods that have to be included in any meal plan, even if you want to lose weight or maintain your weight.

Poached egg- a true challenge

It seems complicated to make at first, but it isn’t. It is true that poached eggs require a method and some rules to keep in mind:

  • the water should not be boiling
  • we have to look for a simmering water (not big bubbles, but small ones at the bottom of the pan)
  • never add salt into the water
  • always use fresh eggs and so on

sandwich cu avocado și ou poșat

I don’t always make poached eggs, but when I do, VOILA! A simple egg turned into something luxurious! This type of sandwich can be eaten either at breakfast or at any of the other two main meals of the day, because it is very fillind. If you do not want to use buns, you can choose 2 slices of whole wheat bread.

Look how simple is to make a poached egg!
1 fresh egg
1 L of water
3-4 tablespoons of vinegar
½ avocado
½ juice of a lemon
1 whole wheat seedy bun (you can replace it with 2 slices of whole wheat bread)
salt&pepper (to taste)
Salad: arugula, tomato cherry, salt & pepper
sandwich cu avocado și ou poșat
1. Add water into a pan and bring it to a boil. Crack an egg into a cup. When the water starts to boil (smalls bubbles start appearing at the bottom of the pan), turn the heat down and let the water relax into a brisk simmer.

2. Add 3-4 tsp of vinegar in the pot and whisk the water with a spoon or with a spatula for 5-10 seconds to create a swirl in the water (this help the egg white wrap around the yolk). 

3. Gently pour the egg from the cup into the swirl and poached the egg for 2-3 mins (or depends on how well you like your eggs done – I recommend 2:40 minutes, if you stil want a running but still cooked yolk).

4. Take out the egg from the pot with a slotted spoon and put it into a kitchen paper to dry off the excess water.

5. Season with salt&pepper and eat it on a toast with avocado slices and a salad, like I did.

Avocado: Cut the avocado in half, scoop out the pulp with a spoon, then cut half of the avocado into slices. Squeeze a little bit of lemon juice on top of them and place them on the bun / slice of bread (you can also mash the avocado with a fork).
Salad: Rucola, cherry tomatoes, seasoned with salt, pepper and a little bit of lemon juice

sandwich cu avocado și ou poșat

TIP: If you don’t eat the other half of the avocado in that moment, you can squeeze it with lemon juice, cover it with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator.


Nicoleta 🙂


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