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UNBOXING is a true phenomenon especially on Youtube, so I thought I could do one here on my blog. The idea of unboxing is to unpack a package and present the product or products from that package.produse farmacia ortomoleculară 1

Last week I ordered something from Orthomolecular pharmacy and I was very excited to see the variety of products they have. On this site you can find organic and bio products of the highest quality, special products for children, for adults, gluten-free products, lactose free products, products for pregnant women and diabetics. Besides these, they also have a category of products for hygiene and cosmetics.

I have to admit that it was hard for me to decide what to order. I would have ordered all the products, especially those that I didn’t buy before. I have only limited to food products, with which I can cook lots of recipes. The package arrived in exactly 2 days after I placed the order, which is a big plus.

produse farmacia ortomoleculară

I would have made this unboxing sooner and, more than that, I would have already cooked 2-3 recipe with the products that I chose, but these days were a bit busy for me because I moved to another rent and It was little chaos in the house. I made time today to open the package, which was sitting on the desk for a few days.

Uite ce mi-am comandat:

1. Amaranth

produse farmacia ortomoleculară

I have never heard about this ingredient before, it intrigued me and I ordered it. From what I have read on the internet, it seems to be a very old pseudo-cereal, cultivated and used by the Aztecs 8,000 years ago. WOW! Sources say it is very rich in protein, fiber, magnesium, it has all the amino acids essential to the body and does not contain gluten.

2. Azuki Beans

produse farmacia ortomoleculară

Yeah, I ordered beans, but they are not any beans. Before I add it in my shopping cart, I read about it. Truth is that I was intrigued by its name and somehow thought that it’s original from Asia due to its name. Yes, I was right, it is used especially in China and Japan, and the Japanese call it “Queen of the Beans”.

produse farmacia ortomoleculară

What I like about these packages is that they have a ziplock closure system that is very useful, especially in the kitchen.

3. Integral Basmati Rice

produse farmacia ortomoleculară

I try to have a balanced diet, so I will always choose a brown or whole/integral rice not a white rice. I will use it in a recipe, which will be my next “culinary journey” to a place where I would like to go one day.

4.Mix Seeds for Salad

produse farmacia ortomoleculară

When I saw this mix seeds package on the site, I said, “you are mine.” This super-package contains: sunflower seeds, raw sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, brown flax seeds, golden flax seeds and blue poppy seeds.
I love seeds very much and use them quite often in smoothies, shakes or protein bars (recipe HERE), I put seeds in a natural yogurt, in salads, etc.

5. Agave Syrup

produse farmacia ortomoleculară

For a very long time I wanted to buy a natural sweetener, because I use sugar very rarely. I prefer to sweeten my desserts with fruits ( banana or apples). This agave syrup is 100% vegetable, gluten-free, has a low glycemic index, which is perfect for those who keep this diet.
It will help to me in various desserts, but especially when I make oatmeal / porridge oats in the morning before going to the gym. A drop of this syrup will give me the energy to resist at my workouts.

6. Millet seeds

produse farmacia ortomoleculară

They are also part of the super-foods or pseudo-cereal category that does not contain gluten. I like the millet pudding very much, a recipe that I’ll show it to you as soon as possible. Together with the agave syrup I mentioned above, I think they will do good work.

I’m very happy with this products that I ordered from Orthomolecular Pharmacy  and can’t wait to cook with them. I have a lot of ideas for healthy recipes, which you will surely like.

Hugs & Kisses!


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