Homemade muesli for a perfect breakfast

I am a person who likes to eat well, especially at breakfast. Yes, I know, maybe it sounds cliché, but breakfast is THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY! No matter what, first I eat my breakfast, then I can continue with my everyday plans.

muesli de casa

Speaking of breakfast, I thinks that it’s been more than a year since I didn’t buy that muesli pack that we find in any supermarket and I make at home a mix of more ingredients to get a good muesli. This mix of muesli that I am showing you today is as simple as possible, but with a natural yogurt, milk and some fruits, it can do a great job.

muesli de casa3

In the morning, most of the times I make this combination: Greek yogurt with a handful of this muesli and a banana. Not only it gives me the energy to start the day, but it’s a very nourishing and very good breakfast.
quick oat
old fashioned oats
coconut flakes
Seeds: chia seeds, flax seeds
cranberries and raisins
* The amount of every ingredient is up to you, depending on how much muesli you want to make.

muesli de casa
Simply put them all in a bowl, mix, then store them in a container with a lid.


muesli de casa5

It’s good in combination with milk, kefir or natural yogurt.

muesli de casa4

If you want you can also add rye flakes, dried fruits and mix of nuts, almonds. I preffered a simple mix, avoiding a combination with a lot of sugar (from the dried fruit). It remains at your choice how you want the muesli to be and what other ingredients you want to add.

What are you waiting for, make your own mix of muesli!

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